OnTrack Program

What is OnTrack?

The OnTrack Program helps you take control of your insurance policy rate based on your safe driving behavior, which is tracked through the OnTrack app on your smartphone. The program collects driving data for 90 days, where we will monitor driving mileage, smoothness, time of day and road type. After installing the app, continue to drive normally. When you renew your policy with us, you may earn additional discounts based on the data we collected over the 90 day period. With OnTrack, you can qualify for a discount, and you won’t be penalized for a low score.

How can I enroll in OnTrack?

Please contact your Grange/Integrity independent agent for more information.

What happens if I enroll but don’t install the app?

If you don’t install the app, you’ll receive text and email reminders to download the app. You’ll be removed from the program after 45 days and any discount you received will be removed from your policy.

How can OnTrack affect my rate?

The OnTrack program collects data while you are driving where we will monitor driving mileage, smoothness, time of day and road type through our OnTrack app. Most OnTrack drivers will receive a discount when they renew their policy.

Can participating in the program increase my premium?

No. Maybe you scored lower than expected, but you can use this opportunity to improve your safe driving behavior moving forward.

Is there a fee to participate?

There are no fees or costs to participate.

What if I’m in an accident and I’m in the OnTrack program?

OnTrack data will not be used for claims purposes unless you give us permission, or we receive a court order, such as a subpoena. See the OnTrack Terms and Conditions for more information.