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Finding the best life insurance for retirees and seniors

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You’re not too old to qualify for life insurance. Quality coverage for retirees, people over 50 and seniors can cover end-of-life costs including funeral expenses, so you can help alleviate a financial burden on your family. Learn more about life insurance for seniors.

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Do I need life insurance? Learn the benefits of having it

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Life insurance benefits most people including singles, couples, parents and even children. Learn how life insurance can help you and your loved ones stay on your feet if the worst happens.

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What is Return of Premium Life Insurance?

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An alternative to traditional term life insurance, return of premium life insurance could be the right option if you’d benefit from receiving back the premiums paid when the policy ends. Learn more here.

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How to access your life insurance policy’s cash value

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You can use the cash value in your life insurance policy while you’re living. Learn the benefits of cash value and how to use it as a financial tool to help pay policy premiums, take out a loan and more.

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Is the life insurance you have at work enough? 3 ways to tell

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About two-thirds of full-time employees in the U.S. have access to life insurance as an employee benefit, but is it enough? Here are three things to consider when evaluating your life insurance at work.

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Supplement your retirement income with life insurance

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Savvy individuals are looking into alternative solutions for retirement planning, including supplemental income from the cash value of their life insurance policy. Find out how life insurance compares to traditional retirement options.