If you have a question about your payment or billing information, please contact either our Auto, Home and Business Billing line or the Grange Life Billing line, depending on your needs.

Auto, Home and Business Billing

(800) 425-1100

Grange Life Billing

(800) 399-3797

Insurance Claims

If you’ve experienced a loss or event that’s covered in your insurance policy and you need to file a claim with Grange Insurance for coverage or compensation, you can call our 24-hour claims reporting line, auto glass claims line or life claims line.

24-hour Claims Reporting

(800) 445-3030

Auto Glass Claims

(800) 951-9734

Grange Life Claims

(800) 399-3797

Claims Department

(800) 686-0025

Other Questions & Policy Information

If you have any other questions about Grange Insurance or your insurance policy, please contact us at the following toll-free phone numbers or speak with your independent insurance agent.

Customer Care

(866) 550-9222

Grange Life Policy Information

(800) 399-3797

General information

Not sure where to start or what to ask? Give our general information line a call and a Grange representative will be with you shortly. You can reach us anytime Monday - Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m (Eastern Time).

(800) 422-0550