Auto insurance near me: How to buy insurance from a local agent

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Collision, comprehensive, deductibles, oh my! Shopping for auto insurance doesn’t have to be a beast. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly coverage or a policy with all the bells and whistles (or you don’t even know where to start), an independent agent can help guide you to buy the best auto insurance for your specific needs, budget and lifestyle.

Find your local agent.

First, you need to find an agent. Try asking for recommendations from your trusted friends and family members to uncover an agent who might be a good fit for you. Keep in mind that your local independent agent can offer you more buying options, expert guidance and unmatched convenience.

Do you want to have your insurance with a specific insurance carrier? Go to that carrier’s website to find an agent near you. For example, if you wanted to purchase insurance coverage from Grange Insurance, you could find a local independent agent who offers Grange Insurance with our Find an Agent online tool.

You can also use an online resource like Trusted Choice to find a local agent among a country-wide network of independent insurance agents.

Set up a meeting.

Even if you think you know exactly what kind of insurance you need, a meeting with a local independent agent can be invaluable. Their expert knowledge and guidance will help ensure that you’re getting the right insurance coverage for your unique needs and budget.

Think of it as a health check-up and protection plan for your personal finances.

Plus, it’s always nice to make a new friend and to know that you have a local advisor who’s in your corner, knows you and will be there for you in your time of need.

Get the right coverage.

Your agent will help you answer the most important question when it comes to insurance: What am I trying to protect?

Life is not “one-size-fits-all” and your auto insurance shouldn’t be either. You can choose from different coverage levels, with each level of coverage adding a little more protection. You’ll only pay for the coverage that fits your budget and provides the protection you want. An independent agent is committed to helping you select insurance coverage based on your specific needs through different limits, deductibles and a variety of optional coverage choices.

Save money.

Your agent is your partner and they’ll be able to spot discounts that apply to you.

Do you have a good driving history? Are you getting a car insurance quote before your current auto policy expires? Have you been with your current insurance carrier for a long time? These types of things could matter and help you qualify for discounts that will save you money.

Another great opportunity to lower your insurance costs is to bundle your car insurance with other policies, such as homeowners or renters insurance, by purchasing them from the same insurance carrier.

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Choose additional coverages.

Everyone is different. A standard auto insurance policy will provide you with the basic protection you need. But what if you drive with a pet? Or if you need a rental car when a covered auto claim puts your vehicle in the shop? To match your car insurance to your unique lifestyle, you can also choose from a variety of optional coverages to tailor your auto policy to your unique needs.

Your agent can help you choose additional coverages such as rental car coverage, accident forgiveness, pet injury coverage, new auto replacement, mobile device coverage and child seat replacement coverage so you can get back to normal quicker.

Understand what your policy does not cover.

Surprises are good for birthday parties, but for an auto claim? Not so much. While it’s important to know what your policy covers, it’s just as important to know and understand what your policy doesn’t cover.

Your agent will help you understand where your auto coverage begins and ends. For example, most auto insurance policies don’t cover the following:

  • Equipment that’s not permanently installed in your car (think navigation systems),
  • Paying off your auto loan if the vehicle is a total loss and its market value is less than what you owe, or
  • Routine maintenance.1

Another example is if you’re taking a road trip out of the country. You might be covered if you’re traveling to Canada, but not if you’re traveling to Mexico. You’ll also need a separate insurance policy for motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and RVs.

Talking to your agent will give you some peace of mind, so in the event you have a claim you’ll know what to expect.

Prepare for future life changes.

When you’re looking for auto insurance, you may not think about what could change in your life down the road. The good news is that your agent is!

Ask your agent about being able to change things on your auto policy mid-term, so if you need to upgrade, your agent will be there to help you out. Make sure to stay connected with your agent so that when the things you are trying to protect change, your policy can change, too.

Grange Insurance offers PinPoint Auto® personal auto insurance coverage that’s customizable to your lifestyle, budget and coverage needs. Talk to a local independent Grange agent for details on coverages and discounts. If the policy coverage descriptions in this article conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies.

Coverages described above may not be available in all states. Policies underwritten by Trustgard Insurance Company, Grange Indemnity Insurance Co, Grange Mutual Casualty Company, Grange Life, Grange of Michigan*, Grange Property and Casualty*. All companies are members of the Grange Mutual Casualty Group. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO QUOTE ANY INDIVIDUAL PREMIUM RATE FOR THE INSURANCE HEREIN ADVERTISED.
*Not licensed in Pennsylvania.

1 – NAIC

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