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Infographic shares many benefits of working with an independent insurance agent

Infographic: Benefits of buying insurance with an independent agent

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Buying insurance on your own can be like climbing a mountain without an experienced mountaineer to help you get to the top. Learn why an independent insurance agent is the ultimate guide to help you find insurance that’s the perfect fit for you.

Insurance 101 for new business owners

Insurance 101 for new business owners

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If you’re thinking about starting a small business, you know a thing or two about taking risks. But at the same time, it’s smart business to limit your risks however and wherever you can. That’s where business insurance — and solid advice from your independent agent — come into play. 

Man reviewing loss prevention document

Video: Contractor loss prevention

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It’s more important than ever for employers to place a strong emphasis on creating a safe and profitable work environment. This is especially true for contractors. Get five quick tips to prevent losses and keep work sites safe.

Safety tips for your contracting business

Safety tips to protect your contracting business and employees

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In the contracting world, it literally takes sweat to build up a business. After all the hard work you’ve put in, you don’t want to see anything bring your company down. Protecting your livelihood, your employees and your assets begins with understanding what you’re up against on the job every day.

Outdoor pipe covered in ice

6 things to do when a frozen pipe bursts

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If low temperatures cause water to freeze inside pipes, pressure can build up and cause weak points inside the pipe to burst. Learn what to do if you ever have to deal with a pipe that bursts.