How to stay safe when hail starts to fall

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First, protect yourself and others
Stay indoors during the storm. Because large pieces of hail can shatter windows — close your drapes, blinds or window shades to prevent the wind from blowing broken glass inside. Be sure to stay away from skylights and doors and move vehicles into a garage or shelter to minimize damage. Stay tuned to the radio for updates on additional approaching storms.

Next, protect your property
Assess any damage to your home. If hail has damaged the outside of your home or exposed any part of the interior, take steps to protect it from more damage. This may mean making temporary repairs until a professional can help. If you find glass damage on your vehicle, carefully remove any glass from the interior, then cover the damaged area with a tarp to prevent water damage.

Report Your Claim
Report a homeowner claim once you’ve safely secured your home from more damage.

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