Payment methods questions

How do I find the personal identification number (PIN) needed to make an online or phone payment?

Your four-digit PIN is located on the right side of your premium invoice at the end of the paragraph with the number to call for billing information. If you would like to make a phone or online payment and don't have your PIN, you can get it by calling the Grange Billing Information System at (800) 425-1100, option 0.

Is there a fee to pay my premium online or by phone?

No. There are no fees to pay your premium online or by phone.

When will my authorized phone or online payment post to my policy/account?

Phone and online payments will be posted the same day if you enter them before 6 p.m. ET. Any payments received after 6 p.m. ET (4 p.m. on Saturday) will be applied to the policy/account on the next business day. The online bill payment and phone payment options cannot be used after 12 a.m. ET to make a payment to a policy that is scheduled to cancel after 12:01 a.m. ET the following day.

What methods of payment does Grange accept for phone and online payments?

You can use your bank account, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), ATM debit cards (must have the Pulse, Star, NYCE or Accel logo on the back), or an electronic check to pay your bill online. Your financial institution may assess a fee for payments made through a debit network. If you prefer not to pay this fee, you may process your payment as credit. Grange cannot reverse electronic payments. You must contact your financial institution.

Which policies can I pay online?

You can pay your Grange auto, home and business policies online.

What is an electronic check?

An electronic check is an electronic transaction that is sent to your bank using your account information and appears on your bank statement as a debit or withdrawal. Because no paper check is produced, you will not receive a canceled check with your statement.

Can my agent make an online or phone payment for me?

Grange takes pride in protecting your information and your security. For your own protection, payments made online or by phone must be made by the credit/debit cardholder or checking/savings account holder. The payer must personally authorize the electronic debit for his or her account.

Do payments have to be received by the due date or post-marked by the due date?

Payments must be received by the due date. A late fee may be added to payments received after the due date.

Can I change the date my payment is due?

The due date of a payment is currently based on the effective date of your policy. Unfortunately, the due date cannot be changed, unless you enroll in Easy Pay.

Can I extend my cancellation date and make a payment later?

Grange's payment schedule does not provide an additional grace period or an extension of the due date or the cancellation date.