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3 homeowners insurance endorsements that can enhance your coverage

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Home insurance endorsements work like add-ons. If you’re looking for ways to customize your home insurance coverage to your unique needs and goals, endorsements can be a great option. Learn about three popular home endorsements.

Insuring your college-bound student

Insuring your college-bound student

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If you have a son or daughter heading off for college, you’re probably thinking about dorm supplies and textbooks — not insurance. Unfortunately, that oversight could end up costing you or your child big bucks. Follow these guidelines to make sure your coverage is in A+ shape before move-in day.

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How to prepare your home for a last-minute thunderstorm

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We’re teaching you how to prepare for a thunderstorm in just a few minutes. Get the storm tips you need for learning storm terminology, using technology wisely, stowing your items safely and taking cover.

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How to insure your backyard

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You know your homeowners’ insurance covers your house and its contents – but what about your backyard? Learn what common backyard items are covered by a standard homeowners’ policy and where you may need a little extra coverage.

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Safety tips for working in the heat

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Working in hot indoor conditions or spending your summer landscaping, gardening or working in construction for long hours can be hard on your body. You need tips to stay cool, hydrated and protected. Learn how you can manage working in the heat.

Protect your home from high winds

Quick guide to protect your home from high winds

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Check out this quick guide for all the things to know about high winds leading up to a storm, from prepping your home to learning terminology to better understand your local weather experts. We even help you assess the damage and report a claim.