Black mold spores grow along a white windowsill next to a potted plant.

What does black mold look like? Learn how to spot and prevent spores

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Get answers to questions like “what does black mold look like?” or “where does black mold usually grow?” to help you spot the spores and get mold remediation services as soon as possible. Plus, learn how to find out if your insurance covers it.

A business professional stands and speaks to a group of colleagues.

Prepare for winter with a business disaster recovery plan

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Preparing for winter storms and the business interruptions they can cause is an essential part of business continuity planning. Work with your risk control team to design a business disaster recovery plan fit for your company’s needs.

A dark living room features a lit wood-burning fireplace in the center of the wall.

Fireplace safety: 4 signs your home needs a chimney inspection

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A great home buying checklist will prepare you for every aspect of buying a home, from finances to home insurance. No matter if you’re buying a ready-to-move-in home or a fixer upper house, this home buying checklist can help you make wise choices.

A woman and man walk arm-in-arm down a path surrounded by fern plants.

Finding the best life insurance for retirees and seniors

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You’re not too old to qualify for life insurance. Quality coverage for retirees, people over 50 and seniors can cover end-of-life costs including funeral expenses, so you can help alleviate a financial burden on your family. Learn more about life insurance for seniors.

Woman smiling in grass field

10 tips for choosing a life insurance beneficiary

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Choosing a life insurance policy and selecting your beneficiaries are important decisions. You need a life policy that can help you meet your goals after you pass. Learn 10 tips to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

House keys are left in an open door

How to prevent break-ins in your home and vehicle

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Take the steps to prevent theft in your home and vehicle by following these tips. From lamps with self-timers to locked doors to security systems, there are many action items you can implement to protect what matters most to you.