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Cyber coverage: Keep your customers’ information safe

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When you lose customers’ data, you also lose their trust. That’s why protecting customer information is a top priority for businesses in this era of cybercrime. Follow these six steps to help limit your risk of a data breach and keep your customers’ trust.

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Infographic: Deer on the road? Here’s what to do

Posted in Auto

A collision with a deer can cause serious damage to you, your passengers and your car. In this infographic, we point out some best practices for preventing a deer collision and what to do when one is unavoidable.

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Cyber coverage: Simple steps to protect your business from cyberattacks

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Cybercrime is a growing concern for businesses worldwide. And the cost of recovery can be significant. Learn five simple preventative measures that can help make your business safer and make life a little harder for cybercriminals.

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How to create a business continuity plan

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Before your business is caught in a disaster, have a plan in place. Fires, storms and cyberattacks can put your business out of commission. Use these tools from IBHS and Grange Insurance to plan for the worst and stay open for business.

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Cyber coverage: Four real-life stories of business recovery

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When your business experiences a data breach, how you respond means everything. Be ready to take immediate action. Read these four real-life stories and learn how cyber coverage and CyberScout helped businesses recover after a breach.

View a slideshow: 4 disasters covered by renters insurance

Slideshow: 4 disasters covered by renters’ insurance

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Think you’re covered by your landlord’s policy? Think again. If you want to best protect your personal belongings and finances, check out our slideshow to learn about four disasters that are covered by renters’ insurance, and not by your landlord.