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Various lifestyles of car owners

Cater to Your Lifestyle With Different Types of Auto Insurance

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There are dozens of types of auto insurance coverages and products that can cater to your habits and needs. Check out the different personas we created that can help you pinpoint what you want out of your car insurance policy.

A woman with long hair stands in front of an open SUV trunk and hands full bags over to a man.

Does bundling insurance save money?

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When it comes to bundling home and auto insurance or other types of insurance bundles, there are a few things you should know before you buy. Learn about the basics of bundling, why insurance carriers offer bundling, savings potential and more.

A dark SUV drives away from the camera through puddles of water, splashing the water into the air.

Hydroplaning: How to drive safely and navigate insurance claims

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You can successfully avoid hydroplaning by preparing your car and making safe driving decisions. Learn how puddles of standing water, heavy rainfall, tire tread, speed and other factors contribute to the dangers of hydroplaning.

House keys are left in an open door

How to prevent break-ins in your home and vehicle

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Take the steps to prevent theft in your home and vehicle by following these tips. From lamps with self-timers to locked doors to security systems, there are many action items you can implement to protect what matters most to you.

A parked dark sedan features a shattered second row window.

8 tips to prevent car theft

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There are lots of precautions you can take to reduce the risk of car theft. From locking up your vehicle to minimizing personalized details like car sticker decals, you can deter thieves and protect your belongings.

A teenage girl and her father smile and wear their seatbelts as they sit in the front of a car.

Teen driving tips: A checklist for parents and teens

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Navigating the roads as a new driver is an adjustment for parents and teens. Learn how to create a parent teen driving contract and gain confidence as the teenage driver in your home learns the rules of the road through teen driving lessons.