young girl runs with a beagle in her backyard on a summer day.

How to insure your backyard

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You know your homeowners’ insurance covers your house and its contents – but what about your backyard? Learn what common backyard items are covered by a standard homeowners’ policy and where you may need a little extra coverage.

Surveyors working in the sun

Safety tips for working in the heat

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Working in hot indoor conditions or spending your summer landscaping, gardening or working in construction for long hours can be hard on your body. You need tips to stay cool, hydrated and protected. Learn how you can manage working in the heat.

Protect your home from high winds

Quick guide to protect your home from high winds

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Check out this quick guide for all the things to know about high winds leading up to a storm, from prepping your home to learning terminology to better understand your local weather experts. We even help you assess the damage and report a claim.

Don't think you drive distracted?

Don't think you drive distracted?

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Distracted driving accidents are preventable. Learn about some of the most common types of distracted driving habits that you can cut from your life. Plus, get driving tips to help you keep the roadways safe for everyone.

Various lifestyles of car owners

Cater to Your Lifestyle With Different Types of Auto Insurance

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There are dozens of types of auto insurance coverages and products that can cater to your habits and needs. Check out the different personas we created that can help you pinpoint what you want out of your car insurance policy.


How to create a fire escape plan

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Did you know that you may only have about two minutes to safely exit your home during a fire? It’s time to create and practice a home fire escape plan to keep you and your family safe.