All businesses are at risk of a data breach.

Keeping your information secure is more important than ever. For businesses, a cyber breach may not only result in unexpected costs, but also puts customer trust at risk.

But not all breaches are online. Employee errors, weather events and third-party accidents also make businesses vulnerable.

Grange knows small business – that’s why cyber coverage is included on all eligible Business Owner Policies (BOP) and Commercial Package Policies (CPP). Contact your local Grange independent agent today and make sure your business is covered with offerings made with you in mind.

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Our partnership with IDT911

Grange has partnered with security protection service IDT911 to protect your business and reputation. As industry experts, IDT911 provides information you need to help prevent online security threats and keep your online information secure. Over 770,000 businesses in North America are protected by IDT911. Together, Grange and IDT911 will:

  • Build an effective data breach response plan
  • Receive guidance on the best response strategy
  • Protect your business reputation
  • Prevent regulatory sanctions or fines

Current policyholders: IDT911 offers a variety of tips and resources to help you keep your business secure. Visit our breach response website and log in with your policy information.

Suspect a data breach? Please contact the Grange Claims Department at 800-445-3030.

Comprehensive coverage

  • First party: Data breach expense coverage for items such as notification letters to customers and call handling and reporting.
  • Third party: Third-party liability coverage including media wrongful acts, network security wrongful acts and privacy wrongful acts.
  • Ransomware and extortion: Protection against criminals who install malware on your device and demand payment (anywhere from $500-$1,000) to remove it.

Learn more about cyber coverage and benefits in our brochure.

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