Protect your business from costly cyberattacks

For businesses, a cyberattack or data security breach is costly and puts customer trust at risk. Grange understands the need for cyber protection, which is why it’s included on all eligible Business Owner Policies (BOP) and Commercial Package Policies (CPP).

Comprehensive cyber coverage


Data breach expense coverage for items like notification letters to customers, call handling and reporting.


Third-party liability coverage including media wrongful acts, network security wrongful acts and privacy wrongful acts.

Ransomware and extortion:

Protection against criminals who install malware on your device and demand payment (anywhere from $500-$1,000) to remove it.

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Our partnership with CyberScout

Grange partners with CyberScout to protect your business and reputation. As industry experts, CyberScout helps prevent online security breaches and keeps your information secure. Over 770,000 businesses in North America are protected by CyberScout.

Grange and CyberScout provide:
  • Effective data breach response plans
  • Guidance on the best response strategy
  • Business reputation protection
  • Prevention of regulatory sanctions and fines


Current policyholders:

CyberScout offers a variety of tips and resources to help keep your business secure. Visit our breach response website and log in with your policy information.


Suspect a data breach?

Contact the Grange Claims Department at (800) 445-3030.


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Contact your independent insurance agent to ensure you have cyber coverage tailored for your business.  

Business cyber insurance frequently asked questions

Business and customer data is constantly at risk. It’s not just hackers who threaten businesses. A single mistake with online files or a disgruntled employee leaking customer information can damage a business’s reputation and even force closure if you are not financially protected.

Businesses big or small benefit from cyber coverage. It’s an investment worth making to protect your business.

The cost of cyber insurance for small businesses varies based on multiple factors. Reach out to your independent agent to get a quote and discuss which coverages are right for your business.

Business cyber insurance typically does not cover:

  • Property damage, like computers or other technology that may be damaged from a cyberattack
  • System failures due to poor setup or negligence
  • Profit losses during business interruptions caused by a cyberattack

Coverage will vary. Always refer to the language of your business insurance policy. Talk to your independent agent if you have questions about a specific situation.

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Customer service has always been helpful when I contact them. If they don’t have an immediate answer, they say they will get one. They call me back and do just that.

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This was my first claim with Grange Insurance and I was completely surprised with how fast I was contacted after my agent placed the claim. The entire process was quick and painless! I highly recommend Grange Insurance.

– A customer in Clarksville, TN


The agent I worked with was absolutely the best! He explained the complete policy and my coverage without me having to read all the legal stuff.

– A customer in Cincinnati, OH

Why we work with independent agents

They work for you to find the right coverage

Independent agents work for you. They consider the type of insurance your business needs to be properly protected and find the best options for you.

It’s easier to comparison shop

Working with an independent agent makes it easy to compare policies and ask questions. You won’t have to wonder if you’re on the right track in your hunt for comprehensive insurance, since you’ll have an expert in your corner each step of the way.


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