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The equipment you use to run your business can be complex and costly to repair or replace. Some common kinds of business equipment include:

  • Electrical systems
  • Computer systems
  • Appliances
  • Mechanical systems

If you rely on any of these to operate your business, an unexpected breakdown could impact your bottom line.

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Grange offers insurance for business equipment, called TechAdvantage™. This optional coverage can be added to your business insurance policy to protect you in the following areas:



Repair electronic circuits that are damaged, even if the damage is not visible to the naked eye.

Cloud-based service interruption

Reduce the financial burden of lost data and income if your cloud service provider has an outage.

Service interruption, including data restoration

Recover after data loss from a covered service interruption, such as a power outage.

Expanded off-premises coverage

Restore business data, income and expenses if equipment fails while at an off-site location.

Public relations

Get help when an equipment failure impacts your business’s reputation.

Environmental, safety and efficiency upgrades

If your equipment needs replaced, this coverage will pay the cost (up to 150%) to upgrade to safer, more energy efficient or environmentally conscious equipment.

Equipment breakdown coverage frequently asked questions

Here are some considerations to help you decide if this coverage is necessary for your business.

  • Does your business require specialized equipment or technology?
  • Is your equipment prone to breakdowns, or does it operate under demanding conditions?
  • Would an equipment breakdown lead to interruptions at your business? If so, this may cause loss of productivity and revenue.

Talk to your independent insurance agent about if they recommend equipment breakdown coverage for your business. They can help you understand the risks associated with not having this coverage and policy terms and conditions.

This coverage is designed to protect against sudden and accidental breakdowns or failures of covered equipment. Wear and tear are considered a normal part of equipment maintenance and are usually excluded from this coverage.

If you have a question about a specific situation or what your policy covers, speak with your independent agent.

Here are two examples of equipment breakdown claims.

  1. The computer server at a doctor’s clinic would not restart after a power surge. The repair technician could not find any physical damage to the server. After replacing the controller board, the server began to function properly. There was also corrupted data that needed to be restored by a data recovery firm.

    Expenses paid for this claim:


    • Property damage: $2,308
    • Data restoration: $1,975
    • Business income: $13,695

  2. A cloud services provider’s equipment failed. As a result, the scheduling and billing department at a medical center was unable to conduct business for a week. Their cloud-based software and backup files were not accessible while the service provider made repairs. This resulted in lost business for the medical center.

    Expenses paid for this claim:


    • Business income: $9,675
    • Extra expenses: $1,750


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Grange customer service is very attentive. When my store flooded, they were there within three days and approved my claim.

– A candy shop in La Grange, IL

I have been using Grange for several years now and have no plans to use anyone else. They are easy to deal with and have always been there when I needed them.

– A technology company in Louisville, KY


We have been with Grange for over 7 years and have had a great rate that we haven't been able to beat!

– A concrete contractor in Swanton, OH

Why we work with independent agents

They work for you to find the right coverage

Independent agents work for you. They consider the type of insurance your business needs to be properly protected and find the best options for you.

It’s easier to comparison shop

Working with an independent agent makes it easy to compare policies and ask questions. You won’t have to wonder if you’re on the right track in your hunt for comprehensive insurance, since you’ll have an expert in your corner each step of the way.


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