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Condo insurance can help fill the coverage gap between you and your condo association.
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As a condominium owner you have unique insurance needs that can’t be met by a homeowner or renters’ insurance policy. Condo insurance is made just for you – helping to fill the insurance gap between your condo association and your individual responsibilities, such as replacing your belongings or renovations after a covered event, like a fire.

How condo insurance is different

Unlike a homeowner, you probably don’t own the building where your condo is located or the land it occupies. You may have a condo association that owns a master insurance policy. Because you’re sharing some responsibilities with others, condo living can be simpler than homeownership, while more stable than renting. You need an insurance policy designed to meet the unique needs of your condo lifestyle.

What’s covered by condo insurance

Condo insurance typically covers the following:

  • Personal property and belongings. Would you like help covering the cost of damaged or stolen personal property and belongings – whether they’re at home, in your vehicle or on vacation with you?
  • Building additions and alterations. Have you made updates to your residence, such as carpeting or built-in cabinets?
  • Additional living expenses. Would you like help covering the cost of living elsewhere when you’re unable to live in your residence due to a covered event, like a hurricane or tornado?
  • Protection for medical expenses. If someone is accidentally injured, either at your residence or accidentally injured by you elsewhere, could you afford to cover the costs?

Grange’s 4 levels of protection

Grange’s PinPoint® Condo insurance offers four coverage levels — Base, Boost, Advanced and Premier — so you can find the right amount of coverage for your lifestyle.


  • Simple protection for your personal belongings and structure not covered by your association
  • A good choice if… Your risk exposure is low and you want to pay less for insurance.


  • Additional financial protection for your belongings and structure not covered by your association (with higher coverage limits)
  • A good choice if… You own more and have some risks, such as owning a dog or having guests over, and want more insurance protection.


  • Everything from Boost, but with even higher coverage limits
  • A good choice if… You own some higher value items or have more financial risk.


  • Our highest level of coverage, which offers additional exclusive benefits
  • A good choice if… You own multiple high value items and have significant financial risk.

Other insurance for condo owners

Additionally, you can add insurance coverage for:

  • Jewelry and valuables. Protect high-value items, like an engagement ring, collector’s items or a family heirloom, with insurance. Learn more
  • Extra liability. An umbrella policy provides extra liability coverage to protect you from covered accidents that result in an expensive lawsuit. Learn more
  • Identity theft and cyber threats. Identity theft and cyber coverage can help you recover from a cyberattack or stolen identity. Learn more

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Talk to your independent agent about the unique protection offered by condo insurance and the discount you could receive when you bundle it with your Grange auto insurance. Get a condo insurance quote from an independent agent near you!


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*Available coverages and discounts may vary by state. Please contact your Grange Independent Agent to discuss coverage details, discounts and eligibility requirements. For specific coverage details, always refer to your policy. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies.