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Protect yourself against identity thieves with identity theft insurance coverage.
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In our digital world, identity theft remains a constant threat that comes with a big financial risk. Adding Grange’s Identity Theft insurance coverage to your home, condo, renters or auto insurance helps you learn ways to block the bad guys and helps you recover from identity theft, fast.

What’s identity theft?

When an identity thief gains access to your social security number or other identifying information, that information could be used illegally to:

  • Fraudulently open new accounts or credit cards for financial gain
  • Steal money from your existing accounts
  • Apply for loans
  • Rent an apartment
  • Obtain a job
  • Receive medical care
  • Establish accounts with utility companies

These acts can damage your credit and cost you time and money to restore your good name. Communicating with banks, credit bureaus, lawyers, government agencies and law enforcement on your own can be a hard and slow road to recovery.

With identity theft insurance, we’ll help cover these expenses and partner with you on the steps to take to recover.

Identity theft insurance

Grange Insurance partners with CyberScout, a provider of full-spectrum identity, privacy and security services, to offer you tools to help you stay safe as well as experts to help you recover from a stolen identity.

Grange’s Identity Theft insurance works two-fold by offering you:

  • Resources to help you keep your identity safe. Learn more
  • Professional services if your identity is stolen. Learn more

Should your identity be compromised, CyberScout can help with:

  • Lost wages
  • Lawyer fees
  • Preparing a case file for law enforcement
  • Communicating with government and organizations
  • And more

With CyberScout on your side, you’ll work directly with a fraud specialist who will provide you with experienced advocacy and guidance on how to recover your assets, rebuild your identity and get your life back on track.

Keep your identity safe

Enjoy instant peace of mind knowing you have an identity theft specialist in your corner that can guide you through the recovery process. Talk to your local independent insurance agent about adding Identity Theft coverage to your Grange home, condo, renters or auto insurance policy today!


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*Available coverages and discounts may vary by state. Please contact your Grange Independent Agent to discuss coverage details, discounts and eligibility requirements. For specific coverage details, always refer to your policy. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies.