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Identity theft remains a constant threat that comes with a big financial risk. Adding Grange identity theft insurance to your home, auto, condo, or renters insurance helps you block the bad guys and recover from identity theft, fast.

What is identity theft

When an identity thief gains access to your social security number or other personal information, that information could be used illegally to:

Fraudulently open new accounts or credit cards for financial gain

Establish accounts with utility companies

Steal money from your accounts

Obtain a job

Apply for loans

Receive medical care

Rent an apartment


These acts can damage your credit and cost you time and money to restore your good name. Communicating with banks, credit bureaus, lawyers, government agencies and law enforcement on your own can be a hard and slow road to recovery.

With identity theft insurance, we’ll help cover these expenses and partner with you on steps to recover.

How it works

Grange Insurance partners with CyberScout, a provider of best-in-class identity, privacy and security services. Together we give you tools to protect your identity and expert advice to aid recovery if you’re a victim of identity theft.

Grange identity theft insurance offers:

  • Resources to help you keep your identity safe. Learn more
  • Professional services if your identity is stolen. Learn more

Should your identity be compromised, CyberScout can help with:

  • Lost wages
  • Legal fees
  • Preparing a case file for law enforcement
  • Communicating with government and organizations
  • And more

With CyberScout, you’ll work directly with a fraud specialist who will provide experienced advocacy and guidance on how to recover your assets, rebuild your identity and get your life back on track.

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Common questions about identity theft insurance

Get quick answers to common identity theft insurance questions.

Is identity theft protection worth it?

Your time, money and reputation are valuable. If your personal information is compromised, you risk jeopardizing all three.

When it comes to insuring the things you care about, your identity may not be at the top of the list with health, home and auto insurance. Considering the speed that information circulates in the digital age, it’s more critical than ever to be protected.

The best identity theft insurance considers your unique risks, educates you on safeguarding your information and provides expert assistance if you’re a victim of identity theft. Grange Insurance and CyberScout offer all these benefits and more.

Who needs this coverage?

Anyone can benefit from personal information protection and access to fraud specialists. However, consumers at a higher risk for identity theft include:

  • Families with children
  • Individuals who work from home
  • Internet users who shop, search for jobs or utilize social media
  • Military personnel
  • Senior citizens
  • Homeowners with smart home technology
  • Credit card and ATM users

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Lynn B.
“I recently had to take advantage of the Identity Theft coverage. I was very impressed with everyone that helped me. They certainly knew what they were doing.”

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