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We partner with independent agents to protect what matters most to you with personalized and dependable homeowners insurance.

Common Ohio homeowners insurance questions

No, the state of Ohio does not require homeowners, condo or renters insurance. However, your mortgage company, Homeowners’ Association or landlord may require insurance as a condition of your loan, association standing or lease.

The average cost of homeowners insurance will vary by the amount of coverage needed and characteristics of your home, such as the age of the building or if it has custom construction or elaborate design.

Grange partners with independent agents to ensure you have the right coverage to fit your budget. An independent agent can suggest and explain coverages that you need.

To start shopping for insurance, it's important to first determine how much insurance you need to protect your home. Contact your independent agent for a detailed review of your insurance needs and to get an Ohio home insurance quote.

Typically, homeowners insurance does not cover foundation problems. There may be an exception if the foundation is damaged by a covered loss, such as a fire that destroys the entire home. Your independent agent can help explain what your policy will cover.

This depends on multiple factors. If the policy does cover mold, it will only cover up to the limits on the policy. Your independent agent can help explain what your policy will cover. 

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Many ways to save

Save money with a variety of discounts.

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A customized policy made for you

Learn about coverages most important to you.

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Read reviews from customers in Ohio

We are committed to using feedback to improve our customer service. Here’s what some Ohio home insurance customers have to say about Grange.

Five star rating

Joseph G.

Grange has insured our home since 1956. Our home has been passed down in the family and Grange along with it, what more needs to be said?

Five star rating

Teresa C.

The price for my home and auto is perfect! Customer service is always so friendly.

Five star rating

Dale A.

Amazingly quick, accurate, knowledgeable and friendly. They quickly took my information and handled my claim. It’s very pleasing to be with a company that treats their customers with respect. Thank you, Grange Insurance.

Five star rating

Susan H. 

Grange replaced our roof when it was blown apart by a windstorm. They are very professional. They let us choose a local contractor and paid him promptly. Paying online or by phone is helpful.

Why independent agents?

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They work for you

Insurance agents who represent one carrier can only provide the best options from a single insurance provider. Independent agents work for you, finding the best coverage options from multiple carriers.

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More coverage options

Independent insurance agents consider your needs and the unique features of your home to find the best coverage. Because they aren’t tied to a specific insurance company, they provide more options.

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It's easier to comparison shop

Unlike shopping for homeowners insurance online, working with an independent agent makes it easy to compare home policies from multiple carriers. You won’t have to wonder if you’re on the right track since you’ll have an expert in your corner to answer your questions.

Coverages described herein may not be available in all states. Please contact a local independent Grange agent for complete details on coverages and discounts. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies. The material provided above is for informational, educational, or suggestion purposes and does not imply coverage. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO QUOTE ANY INDIVIDUAL PREMIUM RATE FOR THE INSURANCE HEREIN ADVERTISED. Grange Insurance policies are underwritten by Grange Insurance Company, Trustgard Insurance Company, Grange Indemnity Insurance Company, Grange Insurance Company of Michigan* and Grange Property & Casualty Insurance Company*. *Not licensed in Pennsylvania