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Local Knowledge: More Mileage from Your Coverage
A Grange Independent Agent drives down the same streets that you do, so they have a clear view of your world – and how you get around in it. That kind of local knowledge can ultimately save money and get more mileage from your auto policy. Get started by contacting an agent near you.
Simply Better Coverage
Your agent will map out the best policy for your needs, maximize your understanding and minimize insurance jargon.

Liability coverage - Protects you against the cost of damage and injury that you cause to another in an automobile accident. It's made up of two types of coverage: Bodily Injury coverage which protects you from the cost of personal injury to others and Property Damage coverage which protects you from the cost of damage you cause to others' physical property.

Comprehensive coverage - Pays for damage to your vehicle caused by something other than a collision. Examples of events usually covered by comprehensive coverage include fire, hail, vandalism, theft and earthquakes.

Collision coverage - Pays for damage to your vehicle involved in an automobile accident when you are "at fault."

Medical payments coverage - Provides coverage for the treatment of injuries for you, your family members and other passengers in your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage - Protects you against injury caused in an automobile accident where the at-fault driver has no liability coverage or if the cost of your injuries exceeds the other driver’s maximum liability limit.

Personal injury protection - Similar to medical payments coverage, but it provides broader coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses and other damages. (Available in select states).
Going the Extra Mile
The way you get around in your world can mean you need an auto policy that goes the extra mile. A Grange Independent Agent can walk you through these coverage extras if you need them:

Identity theft coverage - Pays for expenses incurred as a result of identity theft, such as lost wages and expenses associated with repairing the damage caused by your identity being stolen.

Towing and labor - Reimburses you for expenses incurred as a result of a roadside emergency with your vehicle. Covered expenses include mechanical labor at the place of breakdown, towing, gas delivery, oil, loaned battery or tire change.

Car rental reimbursement - Reimburses you for rental car costs if your car is damaged in an accident.

Loan/Lease gap coverage - Pays the difference between what your car is worth and what you owe on your car’s loan or lease up to 125% of the actual cash value of the vehicle.

Personal Auto Plus Protection - Provides for coverage beyond the base coverage of your Personal Auto policy. The Personal Auto Plus endorsement offers additional protection including new auto replacement cost, air bag replacement, waiver of deductible, locksmith, lodging, electronic equipment and accessories, rental car loss of use, and tax, title and fees.

Coverage for CDs and tapes - Pays for CDs and tapes that are damaged or stolen from your car. 

Policy information provided should not be construed as confirmation of coverage under any policy. Available coverages and discounts may vary by state. Please contact your Grange Independent Agent to discuss coverage details, discounts and eligibility requirements.

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